Finding Joy in Movement

Neuroscience and Meditation

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I find the intersection of traditional meditation techniques and modern science to be fascinating. People have experienced the benefits of meditation for millennium and know that it works, but we have very little knowledge of how it works from a scientific method (although I might argue that various meditation masters were actually being quite scientific in their explorations, we just have different tools that we use now). It’s exciting to me that we can combine western science and ancient spiritual philosophy in this way.

Along those lines, my wife Ariel recently forwarded me this site, which is the website for a book called Mind Hacks (which I have not read, just to get that out of the way). The website has some great links on the page to both the interview mentioned and to a 2003 Time magazine issue exploring meditation, which is actually quite a good introduction I think. Also check out some of their other blog posts which are quite interesting.

Author: andreasfetz

Yoga and circus arts teacher from Seattle.

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