Finding Joy in Movement


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I’m essentially a lazy person. I can be perfectly content to sit around and do pretty much nothing. Given that there are things that I want to accomplish and that I want a full, active life, this presents a slight problem. It means that I have to be smart about how I start my day. If I begin my day by lazing around for too long, I’ll generally stay at rest, not get the movement my body and mind need and I end up feeling slightly unhealthy and unhappy with my day. On the other hand, if I start my day by doing something active and/ or creative, I can keep that energy going throughout the day. This leads to feeling generally more healthy and fulfilled.

I read a book by a guy named the Barefoot Doctor a long time ago (The Barefoot Doctor’s Guide to the Tao), where he talks about one of the most important things in living the Tao is to have a ritual that you do no matter what in the morning. It could be a yoga practice, a run, or simply making tea and being present while doing it. A way to connect and center yourself and get ready for the day ahead. I have found this to be very useful advice. What you do in the morning sets the stage for your day. However inertia takes hold is likely to carry you through your day, and if it starts out with being too much at rest, both mentally and physically, it can be quite hard to turn that around.

The only thing I’ll add here is that I’ve also found from experience, that having a morning ritual that is too hard or complicated can lead to not doing it at all, or only doing it sometimes, which defeats the whole purpose. The trick is in finding something that you can commit to and stick with that will give you a chance to move into your day, be present, and get energy moving.

Author: andreasfetz

Yoga and circus arts teacher from Seattle.

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