Finding Joy in Movement


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This week, I’ve been thinking about patience. Patience I think often is confused with being passive and has therefore some negative associations. In my own life, I’ve used patience to be an excuse not to work hard for certain things, and I’ve also used the association of patience with passivity to become overly attached to goals in my life, thinking that I was simply being proactive. I think that ideally, patience is simply not attaching to an end result, yet also having consistency of effort. In this way, patience is a bit of a misnomer. We can’t just wait around for something to happen, that’s a recipe for disappointment. Yet, equally, being overly attached to a outcome is as well. I’ve been trying to have more consistency in my life. Meditating when I get up in the morning, it’s hard not to want to progress, feel like I’m making progress, yet I also know that the simply act of consistently making time for it is the only thing I can really control. It’s an interesting balance to look for. It requires being in the moment and seeing the means as the end, not the other way around. Still working on that one.

Author: andreasfetz

Yoga and circus arts teacher from Seattle.

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