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ThankfulThis month, my wife has started keeping a little notebook of gratitudes that the whole family has been contributing to each day. We usually do it at breakfast and go around and talk about the things we are grateful for. Some days, it’s the big stuff (love, family, friends, etc) and sometimes it’s the little things (my son’s gratitude yesterday was that there was soy sauce on his rice). This has been a wonderful practice in many ways. One of the things that has surprised me a bit is that I’ve been noticing how that for me at least, it’s noticing the small stuff that actually has the most impact on my day. When I get into the mindset of being thankful for the little things, all of a sudden, my day becomes filled with gratitude. The big things do of course matter, but so does the small stuff and there tends to be more of that. The little moments that life is made up of and that can contribute to our overall sense of well-being when we just take the time to pay attention.
In this month of giving thanks, I’m thankful for my family, for my friends, for my career and all that it allows me to do, for the continued curiosity that drives me and keeps me looking forward to the future and engaged in the present, for the fact that I enjoy relative peace when so many do not, for the cup of cappuccino in front of me, for a body that is healthy, for getting to sleep in this morning, for the preschool that my kid enjoys so much, for new hobbies, and for all the people that make my day so enriching and stimulating. Grateful for each and every moment.

Author: andreasfetz

Yoga and circus arts teacher from Seattle.

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